Nail Bar

Nail Bar

Nail treatments include Jessica, French polish, Shellac, Bio Sculpt and acrylic nail extensions


For French polish on the following Jessica nails add £2.00.

Jessica File and Polish £15.00

Nails filed, hands moisturised, and nails polished.

Jessica Manicure £23.00

Nails filed and all cuticle pushed back and cut if needed,hands moisturised, hand massage, nails polished.

Jessica Deluxe Manicure £27.50

Nails filed, all cuticles pushed back and cut if needed, hands moisturised, and massaged, hand put in hot mitts, nails polished.

Jessica Pedicure £27.00

Feet soaked in foot bath, nails filed, cuticle work done on toes, hard skin removed feet moisturised and massaged. Then toes polished.

Jessica Spa Pedicure £32.00

As above and includes foot scrub and foot mask

* Add Shellac to any manicure or pedicure for an extra £7.00 per treatment.


Shellac is UV technology that combines the ease of polish with the permanence of gels.

It is a wonderful innovation that gives 14 days of glorious, high gloss shine that's truly addictive.

  • Shellac Colour £17.00
  • Shellac Removal with New Set £22.00
  • Shellac French £22.00
  • Shellac Removal with New Set £27.00
  • Shellac Removal £10.00
  • Shellac Effects £25.00
  • Vinylux Polish (Breakthrough colour polish system that endures a week of fashion perfection) £17.00

*Other product removal before new set of Shellac £10.00 extra

*Glitter top coat and diamanté available.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

Strong beautiful nails that give you the length that you want with the strength of the acrylic overlay.

  • Acrylic nail extensions £30.00
  • Infill £20.00
  • Nail Tips £20.00
  • Repair £5.00
  • Nail Extension Removal £15.00